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Everyone is welcome to try out at our box nd the first two occasions are always free. Do not hesitate to register in the booking system and sign up for two try-on classes. If you have any questions or just want to come check out our box you are welcome to drop by but please check the schedule first to be sure that there is a coach in the box.


You can check the schedule here without creating an account, but if it's the first time you book a class you must register with the system. This is very simple, follow the instructions on the page or read the explanation below.






















When you get to the system a view with a calendar appears. You see the big calendar in the "Week view" and the overview calendar in the top right of the "Month view". Scroll between the weeks on the arrows at the top of the calendar or by pressing the overview calendar. Click on "Calendar" to display a list of the passports you are in. Click on "Available" to display a list of all classes that have available spots.


The classes are shown in the big calendar, days when there are classes or other activities are also highlighted in the overview calendar.


The box for a specific class shows time, the number of participants that can be included and how many spots are available (6/12 means that six seats are booked by twelve possible). To book your class you must first log in. This is done by clicking "sign up", either under our log at the top of the page or on the pop-up box that appears when you click on a class.


The class you have booked is green-marked in the overview calendar in the upper right and in the "weekly view".




If you have NOT registered before,. "Create a new account" and enter email, password, name (first name and last name), phone number and address. Use an active mail account, that is, an account that you continually check and use. It is also this email address we use for billing on membership later on.




Once you have logged in / registered, click on the class you want to attend, select "New Participation" and fill in your full name. Click in the "Send Email" box to automatically receive an email the times you are on the waiting list. Then press "Create Participation." You are now booked a class.




Cancellation must take place no later than three hours before the start of the class. To cancel, log in as previously described. Click on the class you want to cancel and then on the small notepad to the right of your name. Select "delete participation" and you are done.


As we know that things can occur in our everyday lives that will prevent us from cancelling in time it's okay to send a text to Maria or Amandus, before the class starts. Always do this as soon as possible and no later than 30 minutes before the class starts. Too late cancellations or not showing up at all are charged with 150 SEK per class.


Why it's so important that you cancel in time is partly because those who are on a queue will get a chance to come and work out. It is also important for the coach, for example, to adapt the class for fewer participants if necessary.


We hope you understand our thoughts in this because we really want you  all to get the best of Norrort.












Class with coach and twelve participants.



Class with coach and twenty participants with focus on teqnique in lifting and gymnastics.


Norrort Kids:

Class for kids that are signed up for the semester.


Open-gym Passerkort:

For our members who have a keycard.

No coach present.


Open-gym Bemannat:

Coach present but no class.


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 +46 70 925 69 35  –  Maria Svensson


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